This cost-effective delivery method can meet the production needs of a number of applications. Pressure tanks are often used in the converting and graphics industry, e.g. box folding machines.
The pressure tank DT10 is of stainless steel and is used for processing cold liquids
of low viscosity. It is particularly suitable for dispersion- and solvent-based glues with
viscosities below 1500 mPas. The capacity corresponds to the appliance designation; e.g.: DT05 with 5 litres tank capacity. The pressure tank is filled from above and put under pressure by means of a hand-operated valve. The working pressure is adjustable from 1 to maximum 6 bar, depending on the tank type. The safety valve opens if the pressure exceeds the maximum value. The pressurized liquid is conveyed through a riser pipe to the connection located on the cover of the pressure tank and transported through flexible hoses
to the application heads.

The tanks feature a large-surface fine filter which stops dirt particles from blocking
the applicator heads. The coarse filter is easy to remove and to clean. For maintenance, it is very easy to clean for routine maintenance.

The pressure tanks can be optionally equipped with a fill level sensor to monitor the adhesive fill level. The »Empty« signal can be analysed and relayed via the separate evaluation box if no glue pattern control is present.

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DT 10
Tank content 10 litre
Tank opening 80×95 mm
Operating pressure 0…6 bar
Glue connection 1×R1/2″
Air connection Screw-fitting for air hose Ø 8/6 mm
Viscosity upto 1500 mPsa
Material Stainless steel
Weight 6 kg