Injection + Molding

Injection and Molding

In the field of injection and molding, there usually are 3 types of material being used as silicone, hotmelt, and two-part mixed material.


For the silicone material use for various kinds like household or automotive, the machining or production of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) must be carried out in very strictly defined processing sequences, which allow only minor deviations. It is the only way the required properties such as high elasticity and flexibility can be ensured. Moreover, a precise process flow is essential for continuous color metering. Particularly in case of lifestyle products, the quality is often judged based on color consistency.

Whereas for hotmelt adhesive material, usually special polyamide hotmelt adhesive is famous in the field of electronic application.

For two-part mixed material, sometimes called Reaction Injection Molding (RIM),  The basis of the RIM process is usually a two-part, low viscosity polyurethane. The two parts – polyol and isocyanate – are precisely metered first and then homogeneously mixed (reaction). Subsequently, the material is injected at a low pressure (injection) into a closed mould, where it cures within a few minutes (moulding).

Our dispensing system ensures stability and reliability in continuous production – the prerequisite for your business success. Based on robust technology, we contribute to making your production a smooth and reliably running one – and this with even shorter setup times.

Equipment for Potting and Gasketing


The silcomix PE200 is a compactly designed, electrically driven piston pump, metering and mixing system.


Our PAR 50 system is a comprehensive solution for low pressure dispensing application such as Reactive Injection Moulding.

Hotmelt system

Our quality standards guarantee highest precision and repeatability – even in fully automated production processes 

2K system

Range from piston-type system to gear-type system and static mixer to dynamic mixer, our systems offer the best range of products to suitably deal with any of your materials.