Sempre 6

Sempre 6

The newest generation of “Sempre” cold glue heads stands for „Speed, Electro, Mini, Precise.“ The Sempre 6 jetting head is suitable for dot, bead, and continuous application of dispersion adhesives. Thanks to its compact design, it can be easily and flexibly integrated, also for systems with limited space. With its precise adhesive application and high switching frequencies, it is ideal for applications in the graphical industry, as folding machines and mailers. The Sempre 6 ensures precise dot application with short distances even at high machine speeds. Furthermore, the optimized nozzle geometry ensures excellent cut-off behavior. The integrated stroke adjustment with scale ensures precise and repeatable fine adjustment of the adhesive amount.

The robust stainless steel design ensures a long service life and simplifies maintenance. Additionally, the vertical adhesive delivery from inlet to outlet reduces the mechanical stress on the adhesive within the application head. The optional CleanStart nozzle cover prevents adhesive drying at the nozzle outlet. This function supports a fast start up after an extended interruption and minimizes the cleaning effort. The application head can be purged near the head for testing or cleaning purposes using an optional manual pushbutton.

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Technical Data
Adhesive pressure max.6 bar
Adhesive Dispersion adhesives D1 and D2
Adhesive viscosity max.500 mPas
Operating cycles 1,000 Millionen
Operating cycles max.1000 Hz
Adhesive ⌀6 mm
Adhesive outlet 0.5 ms
Nozzle diameter 0.2-1.0 mm
Supply voltage 6 VDC
Supply voltage 18 W
Actuation AS 50 or AS 60 pattern control
Degree of protection IP54