Micro Series

Micro Series

The Leary MIQROTM is a cost effective 4 channel extrusion controller capable of driving high power valves including Quantum™ high speed cold glue valves. It has versatile glue pattern options and many advanced features. The multi-language MIQRO controller delivers pattern accuracy at +/- 1 mm up to 650 m/min (2,150 ft/min), and is suitable for a wide range of industry applications such as

Folding Carton, Print Finishing, Corrugated Box and Web Offset.

The simple button layout and easy to read backlit display of the MIQRO allows the user to quickly and easily set new jobs, adjust parameters and view production information.

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Control Box
Dimensions 282 mm (11.1 in) w
131 mm (5.1 in) h
140 mm (5.5 in) h
Weight 3.17 kg (7 lbs)
Power Requirements 110-240 VAC
50-60 Hz frequency
300 W consumption
User Display Multiple language options available
Selectable values in standard or metric
Compatible with the full range of Leary and standard resolution encoders
Custom pulse rate input for OEM encoders
Variable pre-set internal timer for fixed speed machines
4 trigger inputs (1 per channel)
Trigger to channel link in software
Compatible with the full range of Pafra and Leary trgger sensors
Trigger inputs can be PNP or NPN
Lockout setting per trigger input
Trigger edge selection
4 channel outputs (1 valve per channel)
4 pattern elements per channel
Each element can be a line or spot
Each channel has independent Spot Size and Spot Gap settings
Accuracy +/- 1 mm at up to 650 m/min (2,150 ft/min)
4 point pressure curve
Compatible with the full range of Leary GRUs
Timer controlled dump output (24 VDC, 1 A)
0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA control