Liquid adhesive systems

Jetting Head

The robust stainless steel design ensures a long service life and simplifies maintenance. Additionally, the vertical adhesive delivery from inlet to outlet reduces the mechanical stress on the adhesive within the application head. The optional CleanStart nozzle cover prevents adhesive drying at the nozzle outlet.

Cold Glue 1K

Our 1K/single component systems precisely deliver media such as adhesives, sealants, greases, and oils from their original containers to the application spot, where the material is then applied to the workpiece ether shotwise or in a continuous bead shape. Depending on your requirements, the systems can be equipped with gear pumps or piston pumps.

Pump and Container

We have supplied extensive range of cold glue/1K container, including piston pump and gear pump, to deliver precise and consistent material application, ensured regardless of the production speed.

Pattern Control

Enhanced with high-end technology, our pattern control systems deliver in all areas. Our controllers are capable of handling multiple quality assurance and glue/material application tasks at the fastest machine speeds, offering total control at your fingertips.

Quality Assurance

On detection of a non-conforming product, Our QA system has the ability to track that product through the production line and to a position where it can be automatically rejected or marked for manual removal.