Packaging Application

Adhesive application systems for labeling, wrapping, and case-packaging processes.

The constant, high-volume production requires highly accurate adhesive application systems. From the smallest sweet wrapper to the largest end-of-line containers, every label and flap must remain firmly stuck throughout the journey to the consumer. We offer the machinery products from the leading global suppliers to the packaging industry. 

 Our innovative engineering technology, such as the Concept GreenLine melters and application heads lead the industry for energy efficiency, using sophisticated insulation techniques to consume less power. Along with industry 4.0+ ready, the system can easily be integrated to your factory network that you can check and track your machine performance real-time with no additional cost.

We offer the perfect solution

The advanced engineering, pinpoint accuracy at incredible speeds, proven reliability and energy-efficient design of Robatech equipment leads to significant savings in adhesives, materials and resources.

Also, with our full range of products, marking and coding after finishing products’ package is one of our strong point.  

For all primary and secondary packaging processes

Hotmelt System

Hotmelt system can help increasing the production speed with easy to implement and operate. Our system can also reduce the production cost through automation process >more

CIJ printers

The printing by CIJ technology offers versatile of use to various product surface. With our advance technology of nozzle-close, to reduce chance of nozzle clogged problem, and Re-Solve, to bring back the internal volatile solvent,  our customer can enjoy lower production cost and reduce in production down time 

Laser coding

Laser coding offer low maintenance action with no consumable parts. With very high-speed offer, this can improve your production performance

High-res printer

With the easy to use and almost no-maintenance required, this is to help you from the headache arisen from standard D-O-D printer. Even the ink of D-O-D may offer lower price, the maintenance cost will overwhelm the cost of ink. In addition, High-res printers also offer flexibility in printing message from standard text, to barcode and even logo 

Packaging machinery

To fulfill your need to improve your packaging system, we have offered very versatile design per your production’s need in order to improve the production speed and reduce the production cost.