Timmer Glue Delivery

Timmer Glue Delivery

The pump cases of the new Glue Pump D3 series fulfils the requirements of jet-water proof performance. A professional cleaning of the pump, as described in the instructions, is also possible without damage or a short-circuit of the interior electronics.

The standard integrated NFC module allows the operator to read the data via Android (Timmer Pumps App) in a smartphone or tablet. Heating temperature, stroke counting, as well as the current status of the maintenance intervals can be retrieved wirelessly at any time.

Due to the optimized liquid valve, the suction capacities of the pump could be improved as well as the reduction of glue pulsations. The glue is now sucked in by an intelligent “cone suction valve” and passed on to the suction tube. By the visualization of the stroke rate in the display of the pump, the operator can promptly adjust the optimum rate of the glue type.

It offers in both heating version and standard (non-heating) version

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Technical Data
Drive pneumatic
Drive principle self-priming
Suction height 2 m of water column(20°C)
Transmission 3.8 to 1
Output (with water) max.33 cm³ per double stroke(4 l/min./240 l/h at 2 Hz)
Temperature of medium max. 50°C-electronically adjustable
Viscosity of pumped medium max. 100.000 mPas
Low pulastion medium conveying both during suction and pressure movement
Connection-Suction side suction pipe (standard length 420 mm)
Connection-Pressure side hose nozzle, 19 mm
Weight 6.9 kg
Stroke speed max. 2 Hz
Housing cover ABS
Housing base POM
Housing of suction base Stainless steel
Valve balls,fluid Stainless steel
Riser pipe Stainless steel
Piston rod Stainless steel
Heating Stainless steel
Tie rods (2 pieces) Stainless steel
Nozzle (19 mm) Stainless steel
Handle Stainless steel
O-rings of suction FKM
and pressure valves
Programming Options
Temperature display C°/F
Preselection media temperature
Stroke counting display
Stroke frequency
NFC:data readout via android smartphone or tablet
Display of maintenance intervals