Automotive parts

Automotive parts

Adhesive and marking application systems

Adhesive and marking application systems along with automation for vehicle assembly and component manufacturing, such as bodyshell, interior, insulation and upholstery.

The varieties of application in the automotive industry are almost as diverse as the technology itself. The adhesive bonding is increasingly replacing conventional techniques such as welding, rivets or screws. This not only increases safety, but also simplifies many processes and consequently increasing efficiency.

Our product delivers powerful bonding

Our product delivers powerful bonding and coating systems for automobile body and trim, such as mirrors, roof lining, insulation and heat mats, seat covers and front and rear lights. Including marking and lubricating, we offer the machinery to reach all your need for your automotive products

With Southern Supply as your partner, you will benefit from global companies that set the standard for reliability, accuracy and efficiency within adhesive application systems and delivers outstanding customer service.

Equipment for Automotive application

Hotmelt System

Hotmelt system can help increasing the production speed with easy to implement and operate. Our system can also reduce the production cost through automation process and to replace the liquid adhesive and butyl tape

Laser marking

Laser marking offer low maintenance action with no consumable parts. With permanent marking and ability to efficiently mark almost unlimited message/logo, this can improve the genuine of you products 

Lubricating and gluing equipment

Our lubricating and gluing equipment offers your production process for automotive parts to improve at optimum level from precise volume and fast speed. Besides, it allows the normal manual process to advance to automatic process to reduce production cost and enhance products’ quality.

2K system

For automotive parts required 2-part material, we offer the full range of equipment to serve your needs for both manual application to automatic application that could improve your mixed material performance