Liquid and Lubricant

Valve / Jet Valve

Our jet valve systems offer unparalleled speed and accuracy in non-contact dispensing, even for your most challenging applications. Jetting, or non-contact dispensing, allows manufacturers to dispense small amounts of fluids at faster speeds without sacrificing accuracy. The results include reduced waste, rework, and rejects, and higher throughput yields.

Fluid Dispensers

Increase productivity and process control with precision fluid dispensers from Nordson EFD. Our fluid dispensers provide much greater control than the typical squeeze bottles, swabs, and hand syringes used in manual assembly processes. We offer a wide range of fluid dispensers that distribute virtually any assembly fluid – from thin solvents to thick silicones and brazing pastes – with the utmost precision. EFD air-powered fluid dispensers deliver exceptional throughput and process control, with consistent deposits from beginning to end.

Automated System

Our dispensing robots bring repeatability and precision to your automated dispensing systems and assembly operations. Specially designed, Nordson EFD dispensing robots are compatible with all of our syringe-based and valve-based automated and non-automated dispensing systems and are suitable for a wide range of applications, from inline to batch dispensing.

Pumps and unloader

We have developed a special range of drum pumps for the processing of lubricants. Our line of pump range features double-acting ball valve and piston pumps that deliver greases and oils of consistency class NLGI 0 – 3. 

High Pressure Valve

Highly flexible metering and job settings facilitate surface, contour, and spot application low to high-viscosity media. Thanks to close cooperation with the material manufacturers, the greasing and oiling processes are constantly being optimized and individually customized for your demands.

Volumetric Valve

Get the right volume of fluid, every time, for industry-leading process control with progressive cavity pumps from Nordson EFD. Our precision volumetric dispensing pumps deliver best-in-class accuracy and repeatability at +/- 1%. Whether you’re dispensing one-component or two-component (2K) fluids, our automation-ready pump systems provide the precision you need for perfect fluid dispensing in your manufacturing process.

Available in multiple styles, sizes, and materials, Optimum® dispense tips are produced in Nordson EFD’s certified silicone-free facilities in the United States. Each tip faces stringent quality control inspections throughout the manufacturing process to meet industrial use certification and have the EFD Certified for Industrial Use seal. Our dispense tips prevent air pockets to provide consistent, accurate results every time.

Accessories and Control

We offer full ranges of accessories and control to confirm the dispensed material reaching the desired target for both quantity and quality. Thus, you could ensure that your products would be operated at the desired optimum performance