CXT Piston Pump

CXT Piston Pump

These pumps are durable and sturdy. They are preferably used in intermittent adhesive patterns. Different gear translation variants cover a variety of requirements for adhesive pressure and volume.

The contactless, electronic pulsation results in a reversal adhesive application, while the pressure decrease is reduced to a minimum.
– Available as a complete appliance mounted in a 20L tank
– Double filters (coarse and fine) prevent foreign particles from entering applicators
– Fast, easy maintenance: applicators can be individually flushed without cleaning the entire system
– Speed controller maintains quality and volume of adhesive
– Wide range of accessories
– Easy to mount or dismount
– Suitable for processing of liquid adhesives and other water-based liquids with low and medium viscosity

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Technical Data Complete appli-ance CTX105 Complete appli-ance CXT112 Bucket pump CXT105 Bucket pump CXT112
Tank content 24 litre 24 litre
Tank opening 305×97.5 mm 305×97.5 mm 332×90 mm 332×90 mm
max.bucket-Ø 380 mm 380 mm
Transmission Piston pump 1:5 1:12 1:5 1:12
Glue pressure 5…30 bar 10…72 bar 5…30 bar 10…72 bar
Viscosity 100…20’000 mPas
Pump capacity 6 kg/h at 20 strokes/min
Air pressure con-nection 6 bar,not oiled, connection thread G 1/8″
Air consumption 11,4 l/min 27,4 l/min 11,4 l/min 27,4 l/min
Glue exit 3×1/4″ bore hole
Electrical supply 230 VAC-50/60 Hz-40W
Weight 15 kg 15 kg 12 kg 12 kg
Siund pressure <70dB(A)
Options Pressure relief kit