PUR Tube

DP Series

For special material shape, or DP series is suitable for automation process being equipped with cartesian robot or other type of robots.

This product series allow our customers to easily attached the DP-series dispenser at the automation process in order to work with materials that come in aluminum tube package, like PUR tube, or the process that might not require high material consumption to prevent the material properties to downgrade from being heated for long period

Simple but multifunctional

DP300 application

Options for DP300

Technical Data


Tank capacity(cc)1000300300 cc cartridge
Operation temperature rangeNormal temperature to 200°CNormal temperature to 150°C
Temperature controlPID control (temperature control 1 point)PID control (temperature control 1 point)
Used adhesiveAll HMA (non-reactive type)PUR reactive type
Maximum viscosity
20,000 20,000 
Pumping systemCompressed air additionCompressed air addition
Application signalExternal signal to gun moduleExternal signal to gun module
Electric capacity100/200VAC 600W100/200VAC 340W100/200VAC 340W
External dimension (mm)143W×177D×374H103W×132D×347H103W×132D×347H
Weight (kg)Approx. 8 kgApprox. 4.5 kgApprox. 4.5 kg
OptionAir regulator, solenoid valve, mounting stand, application timer, etc.
  • Values may vary according to the property of HMA to be used.