Sempre 15 & 30

Sempre 15 & 30

The newest generation of “Sempre” cold glue heads stands for “Speed, Electro, Mini, Precise.” The Sempre 15 / 30 jetting head is suitable for dot, bead, and continuous application of dispersion adhesives. Thanks to their compact design, they can be easily and flexibly integrated, also for systems with limited space. With their precise adhesive application and high switching frequencies, they are ideal for applications in the graphical and converting industry.

The Sempre 15 and Sempre 30 ensure precise dot application with short distances even at high machine speeds. Furthermore, the optimized nozzle geometry ensures excellent cut-off behavior. The integrated stroke adjustment with simple scale is separated from the adhesive port and ensures precise and repeatable fine adjustment of the adhesive amount even under high pressure.

The cold glue application head is available in two design variants: the Sempre 15 is used for applications up to 15 bar and 24 VDC using PLC, while the Sempre 30 supports applications up to 30 bar and 6 VDC with overexcitation. Additional functions for supplementation and optimum adjustment to the respective customer requirements are available as options, for example, the product guide, a trigger, respective brackets, or adhesive application monitoring with iTac.

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Technical Data Sempre 30 (6 VDC) Sempre 15 (24 VDC)
Adhesive pressure max.30 bar max.15 bar
Adhesive Dispersion adhesives D1 and D2
Adhesive viscosity Max.4,000 mPas
Operating cycles 1,000 Millionen
Switching frequ Max.500 Hz Max.200 Hz
Adhesive port M16 x 1.5 high pressure or ⌀ 8 mm low pressure
Adhesive outlet 1 ms 2.5 ms
Nozzle diameter 0.2-1.0 mm
Supply voltage 6 VDC 24 VDC
Electrical power 5 W 19 W
Actuation AS 50,AS 60 SPS,As-IK 40,AS 30
Degree of protection IP54