AS Series

AS Series

We know how to apply adhesives. It has been our daily bread for more than three decades. And this is how we established our leadership position all over the world: by ensuring quality, backed by superior service, with knowhow
and competence. Various operating modes are supported by the pattern controls AS: continuous or intermittent with up to 32 programmable glue lines per channel, dot or line pattern, fixed length or automatic line adaptation. Additionally, format-specific settings and application patterns of more than 100 jobs can be saved and retrieved manually or by PLC.

We have the solution to your needs for a precise glue application, no matter whether electro-magnetic, electro-pneumatic or electro-mechanical application valves, hot melt or cold glue applications, stroke or time-based action, at constant or distance-based variable speed are required.

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Technical Data AS 30 AS 50 AS 50 AK AS 60 AS 60 AK
Product speed [m/min] 0…400¹ 0…1250¹ 0…1250¹
Recommended speed [m/min] up to 300 up to 600 up to 1250
Max. glue application length 9999 mm 9999 mm 9999 mm
Glue pattern programs ⇨ depending on SW <90 <90 <90
Glue pattern programs on RobaVis unlimited² unlimited²
Accuracy ± 1 impulses ± 1 impulses ± 1 impulses
Application head outputs 1…4 1…4 8
Valve output voltage 24 VDC 2…24 VDC 2…24 VDC
Switching-on and-off compensation 0…30.0 ms 0…30.0 ms 0…30.0 ms
Trigger inputs (light sensors…) 2 4 8
Max. distance Trigger-Head 9999 mm 9999 mm 9999 mm
Number og glue lines per release 32 32 32
Product speed measuring yes yes yes
Encoder input 2 1⁴
Encoder input frequency max. 30 kHz 30 kHz 30 kHz
External program selection yes yes yes
Proportional valve output 1 2 2
Glue pressure sensor input 2 2
Pressure relief output 2 2
Glue detection inputs 1…4 (AK) 8 (AK)