Vectodis is used to handle single component materials. Just a suitable material supply and metering computer is required. The modular construction of vectodis enables a wide range of use. This product line is especially recommended if a material needs to be applied in a high precision and repeatable way. The material can be processed by either shot dispensing or continuous flow

To control these systems a metering computer with touch screen terminal is used. With this metering computer all applications that can be achieved with vectodis can be parameterised and different metering processes can be memorised.

The control unit is wired into a control cabinet. The metering computer can also handle applications where a speed proportional material supply is required, for example in combination with a robot.

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Size Ø6 Ø10 Ø20 Ø36
Max. metering volume 1.8 ml 7.8 ml 31 ml 101 ml
Min. metering volume (5 mm stroke) 0.14 ml 0.4 ml 1.6 ml 5.1 ml
Metering stroke 65 mm 100 mm 1000 mm
Max. flow rate (Vmax) 2.75 ml/s 7.8 ml/s 31 ml/s 101 ml/s
Min.metering time (Full stroke) 0.65 s 1.0 s 1.0 s 1.0 s
Min. cycle time (Full stroke) 2.5 s 3.0 s 3.0 s 3.0 s
Max. supply pressure 160 bar 160 bar 100 bar 100 bar
Min. supply pressure 3 bar 3 bar 3 bar 3 bar
Max. working pressure 160 bar 160 bar 100 bar 100 bar
Viscosity range 50-1,000,000 mPa s 50-1,000,000 mPa s 50-1,000,000 mPa s 50-1,000,000 mPa s