Greasing and Oiling

Greasing and Oiling

Regardless of whether you need to grease or oil gear racks, headrests, door locks or simply wheel bearings – WE have the optimum pump and metering system for your purposes.

This way, the grease or oil will be delivered precisely in the specified volume and accurately applied to the predefined location on the component. Grease/Oil is usually prepared in material vessels with a capacity of 1 to 1,000 l. For each of these capacities, we can provide an ideal pump and metering system for delivering the grease directly from the original containers to the application spot. Depending on the requirements, grease may be discharged manually or automatically as well as shot-wise or in a continuous bead shape. If grease/oil must be applied to a component with a precise discharge volume during an automated production process, this is usually also done in an automated manner.

Applications in Gasketing

Equipment for greasing and oiling

Lubricant system

We offer full range of equipment, which can precisely deliver any lubricant material like grease and oil onto your products as desired for any purpose