Bonding + Sealing

Bonding + Sealing

Adhesive bonding has long since replaced traditional joining techniques such as welding and screwing in a multitude of applications. More and more customers these days look for automated solutions that are individually tailored to the specifics of their application. In these cases, the design ofa suitable system concept must take a number of factors into account. 

Particularly against the backdrop of “industry 4.0“, it is no wonder that flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are now inextricably embedded among the key prerequisites for successful production.


Add to this the ever advancing trends of automation and digitization and the picture of the new challenges posed to the field of dosing technology starts taking shape. It is no longer the case that customers are looking for a simple dosage system. Rather, what they demand is a complete and automated solution that will readily integrate into their existing production process. On the one hand, their requirements vary greatly depending on the industry and application in question; for example, considerations of accuracy, material savings, cycle time, speed of handling, certification class or standards to be complied with often heavily influence the system design. On the other hand, a truly smart and comprehensive concept needs to cover more than the sole process of metering and mixing. It should also accommodate the associated peripheral tasks such as component pre- and post-treatment, conveying and handling, and last of all, quality assurance.

Applications in Gasketing

Equipment for Potting and Gasketing

Automated dispensing system

Our automated dispensing systems offer sophisticated dispensing capabilities, more accurate placement, and greater consistency, while remaining simple and intuitive to program.

1K system

Our 1K system for single component adhesive applications is very high efficiency and reliable system for bonding and sealing application

2K gear system

Our metering and mixing systems are capable of processing multi-component media such as epoxy resins, polyurethanes and silicones.

PUR Hotmelt system

The use of hotmelt PUR for bonding application has been significantly increased due to its permanent adhesion, where our products can be exploited the optimum outcome of the material to be used

PUR Tube Hotmelt station

For PUR that comes in Cartridge/Tube package or small glue tank capacity is in need due to material package, our DP series special product line could fulfill your requirement for automation process 

Hotmelt Foaming system

In some cases, hotmelt adhesive can be added with inert gas to produce foaming properties in order for acting as sealing medium. Our CF series offer digitally control to provide optimum control on mixing between hotmelt material and inert gas to reach optimum points.