CXU High Pressure

CXU High Pressure

CXU 110 GRU is designed for pumping of low-viscosity to medium-viscosity dispersion adhesives without solvent content up to 12,500 mPas. Fast switching times and a material pressure regulator ensure precise and consistent adhesive application. The modular, but compact design enables flexible use and simple, but efficient maintenance.

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Technical Data CXPP 110 Cold glue piston pump
Pressure transmission 1:9
Output volume 75 l/h (continuous operation)
110 l/h (short term operation)
Adhesives pressure 1 to 50 bar
Adhesives Water based dispersion adhesives
Acrylate adhesives
Adhesive viscosity 500 to 12.500 mPas at 20°C (Brookfield measuring method)
Compressed air quality Dry,cleaned and unoiled. As per ISO standard 8573-1 class 4
Compressed air supply At least 5 bar to max. 6 bar
Compressed air connection Ø10/8 mm
Compressed air consumption approx.5000 l/h at 75 l/h
Adhesive intake Connection: ID 25 mm
Intake height:2 m at 2000 mPas
Maximum hose length:10 m at 2000 mPas
Adhesive output 1×G ½ inch
Supply voltage 24 V DC or 240/110 V AC with PSU
Weight 39 kg (entire unit)
Noise level 70 dB(A)