A standard AOAC technology with enhanced heat control

The jetting heads of the AX Diamond series are ideally suited for contact-free coating of low- to medium-viscosity hotmelt adhesives. Due to its robustness, the AX Diamond application head is ideally suited for harsh conditions while ensuring safe and high-quality adhesive application.

In addition, the Diamond series increases operational safety with CoolTouch insulation to insulate jetting heads improving in operation safety and energy perseverance. The jetting head insulation protects operators as well as products to be glued from heat. The heat-resistant insulation reduces energy consumption and ensures a constant adhesive temperature, even with a draft. Thanks to their modular design, they are inexpensive and can be flexibly customized for the respective application. The robust hot melt adhesive application heads are suited for precise bead application. Although they were developed for applications such as wrap-around, box and tray resp. fruit tray, they are also used in different areas.

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Temperature range  20 to 200°C
Adhesive pressure Max 100 bar
Adhesive Thermoplastic adhesives
Adhesive viscosity 100 to 5,000 mPas
Operating cycles 10 million *
Switching frequency 50 Hz */**
Adhesive outlet 12.5 ms *
Jetting element width 22 mm
Nozzles 294 / 296 / 292 (90°C)
Air connection 5 to 6 bar, cleaned and not oiled
Air consumption Approx. 6 ml per jetting element / cycle (5 bar)
Supply voltage 230 VAC (EN60204), 50/60 Hz
Supply voltage, solenoid valve 24 VDC / 7.3 W
Attachment For shaft Ø12 mm, flat steel or M5 thread
Noise level Approx. 65 to 70 dB (A)
Degree of protection IP55
* For jetting element and valve. Depending on operating envitonment and conditions (adhesive, temperature, frequency, etc.)
** Continuous load maximum 10 Hz