Speed Star

Speed Star

An ultra highspeed with reliable performance and longer lifetime, based on electric structure foundation

SpeedStar Diamond jetting heads are characterized by fast, precise adhesive application of beads and dots and very high durability. It is designed for extremely short switching cycles with small and precise adhesive dots in processes with very high speeds. Thanks to the narrow design of the SpeedStar modules, the jetting heads are available in multiple-module versions. One of the most advantages is that the SpeedStar Diamond jetting heads operate with 24 VDC and can be directly actuated via a PLC.

SpeedStar Diamond application heads reach a very high service life thanks to their high quality. The repeatability is unique, resulting in a consistent dot size and positioning without manual recalibration across the entire service life. Thanks to the integrated filter in the heating block, nozzle blockage is prevented. The jetting heads are electromechanical and do not require compressed air.

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Temperature range 20 to 185°C
Adhesive pressure Max. 75 bar
Adhesive Thermoplastic adhesives
Adhesive viscosity 100 to 2,500 mPas
Operating cycles 500 million *
Switching frequency 80 Hz */**
Adhesive outlet 0.5 ms *
Jetting element width 18 mm
Nozzles 196 Diamond
Supply voltage 230 VAC (EN60204), 50/60 Hz
Control signal 24 VDC / 8W
Attachment For shaft Ø12 mm, flat steel or M5 thread
Sound pressure level Approx. 35 dB (A)
Degree of protection IP55
Installation dimensions (mm) 132.3 x 24 x 139.6
* Depending on operating envitonment and conditions (adhesive, temperature, frequency, etc.)
** Continuous load maximum 10 Hz, double head = 25 Hz, quad head = 15 Hz