The patented MOD (melt-on-demand) technology melts only the necessary amount of adhesive. This sealed air tight system keeps the adhesive in perfect condition with minimal change in viscosity and prevents moisture curing as well as harmful vapors.

The device is especially suitable for variable operating conditions with pauses in format or product changes.

  • Suitable for processing adhesive blocks from 20L drums, with or without liner
  • Up to two precision gear pumps for volumetric support
  • Refill without interrupting production
  • Cooled melting grill
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Technical Data RobaPUR 20 MOD RobaPUR Premelt 20 MOD
Tank volume 20 liters, without inliner for PUR blocks 20 liters
Melting capacity * 25 kg/h 25 kg/h
Container size (PUR block) Diameter 120 to 280 mm, height 120 to 320 mm
Operating temperature 20 to 150°C (68 to 302°F)
Adhesive viscosity 100 to 70,000 mPas
Heated hose connections 8, can be extended to 12 or 16 4
Delivery pump Max. 100 bar, continuously adjustable Max. 30 bar
Supply voltage 400 V, 3LNPE, 50/60 Hz
Electrical power 8.25 kW
Commpressed air supply At least 6 bar, oil-free air acc. to Class 4
Control panel Membrane keyboard (TRM)
Weight Approx. 190 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 577 x 338 x 566 mm
Safety standard CE
* Depending on adhesive, viscosity, and temperature