Pattern Control

Pattern Control

Intuitive to use and precise material applied location

Pattern control is an integral part of our adhesive control system and is easy and intuitive to use. Pattern control supports various modes of operation: continuous or intermittent with up to 32 programmable glue lines per channel, dot or line mode, fixed length or automatic length adjustment. In addition, format-specific settings and application patterns can be stored in over 1,000 jobs and retrieved manually or by PLC..

We have the solution to your needs for a precise glue application, no matter whether electro-magnetic, electropneumatic or electro-mechanical application valves, hot melt or cold glue applications, stroke or time-based action, at constant or variable speed are required:

The most important performance characteristics at a glance:

– Different speed ranges up to max. 1250 m/min

– Modular structure for the activation of 1-120 applicator heads

– 1 trigger for several applicator heads or per applicator head

– Automatic compensation of the switching time

– Precise glue application and variable pressure control over the entire speed range

– Adhesive savings due to  dot or interrupted-line mode (stitching)

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Technical Data
Glue sensor inputs 8 inputs, power supply output 24 Volt*, power supply output 5Volt**
Working temperature -10 … +45°C, air moisture 20…90% (no condensation)
Speed range 0 … 1250 m/min
Minimum crawler length Sensor-dependent (Sensot datasheet)
Minimum crawler diameter Sensor-dependent (Sensot datasheet)
Distance glue head – sensor 5 … 9999 mm
External signal inputs via basic module AS60 LMB
Configuration of the signal outputs MSTOP – Signal (machine stop), configurable ERROR – Signal for error point, configurable
Switch-on and switch-offcompensation for error point 0.0….30.0 ms, resolution 0.1 ms, possible for the error point