MO Series

MO Series

MO Series has a tradition of building the highest quality and most innovative hot melt dispensing equipment anywhere and their hot melt hoses are no exception. MO Series hot melt hoses for use with the hotmelt tanks are highly flexible and offer precision temperature control.

These hoses are equipped with high performance heating and long life temperature sensors along their entire length. This replacement hot melt hose MO Series Series offers additional flexibility while keeping exceptional durability and comes in a variety of hose lengths. The multi layer construction offers great insulation making sure that hot melt is dispensed evenly and reliably.

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Technical Data STANDARD
Diameters avilable 8, 13, 16 or 20 mm internal 8 mm 8 mm
Lengths available (ask for) From 0.6 to 14 m From 0.6 to 8 m From 0.6 to 7.2 m
Max. working temperature Up to 230°C
Temperature sensors RTD Pt100 or Ni120,
(thermocouple J, ask for)
RTD Pt100 or Ni120
Max. working pressure 120 (Ø8) / 100 (Ø13) / 70 (Ø16) / 65 (Ø20) bar at 200°C
Min bending radius 200 (Ø8) / 300 (Ø13) / 350 (Ø16) / 400 (Ø20) mm
Hydraulic connection Female nut JIC 9/16″ (Ø8),
3/4″ (Ø13), 1 1/16″ (Ø16), Female nut JIC 9/16″
M30x1.5 (Ø20)
Electrical power supply 200 o 230V AC (control) 230V AC (control from melting unit)
from melting unit)