Roba Press

Roba Press

Roba Press is a ‘Melt on Demand’ system used to melt blocks of PUR hot melt. The 2–3 kg blocks of PUR are in airtight containers and melted gently depending on demand. This produces no waste.

The block melter is used to fill glue tanks on edge banding machines, automatic book binding machines, etc., with PUR hotmelt. The appliance serves to melt polyurethane hotmelt which must not come into contact with the ambient air during storage and conditioning for processing.

After the appliance is switched on, it is heated to the defined readiness temperature. If the fill level in the glue tank is too low, the block melter is heated to the programmed operating temperature. As soon as this higher temperature is reached, the cover slide opens and the pressing cylinder presses the PUR block onto the melting grate. The contact pressing and melting process lasts until the glue tank is full again. In the interest of gentle handling of the PUR adhesive the appliance’s temperature is reduced to the readiness value again as soon as the glue tank is full. The pressing cylinder stops immediately after filling and the cover slide closes again to ensure that no ambient air reaches the block of PUR

RobaPress is suitable as a premelter for edge–banding machines, spine binding systems and other PUR roller application systems.

  •  Integrated buffer prevents burn through
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Melting on demand
  • No unneeded temperature stress
  • Easy filling of glue tanks with PUR
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Technical data PUR Premelter RobaPress
Block size 2 kh blocks of adhesive without inliner Ø 120…129mm, length max. 155 mm
Adhesive viscosity 100…60’000 mPas at processing temperature
Temperature range 20…170°C
Melting temperature see data sheet of the adhesive producer
Lowering temperature approx. 70°C below working temperature
Melting Capacity Max. 6kg/h (depending on adhesive)
Operating voltage 400 / 230 Volt     50/60 Hz  3 LNPE

230 Volt                50/60 Hz     1 LNPE
200…240 Volt     50/60 Hz     1Ø
200…240 Volt     50/60 Hz     3Ø

Fuse protection 16AT (slow)
Heating capacity 16000 Watt
Compressed air supply 6 bar, air free of oil, min. class 4, ISO 8573-1
Control Robatech controller with CLS electronics
Ambient temperature 0…50°C
Relative air humidity < 90 %, not condensating