Blue Series

Blue Series

Blue Series hot melt hoses operate safely with the proven durability and performance that reduce costs and downtime. Designs include RTD-style hoses for NI120 sensor and TC-style hoses for PT100 and FeKo thermocouple. Automatic and manual versions are available.

It equipped with aramid insulation that improves chemical and moisture resistance. Along with four layers of overlapped aramid insulation, this help increasing thermal efficiency and retains hose flexibility. The possibility of high-impedance faults is reduced with dedicated low-resistance ground.

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Specifications RTD Hoses TC Hose
Maximum Operation
Temperature 232°C (450°F) 232°C (450°F)
Maximum Hydraulic 1000 psi (6.89 MPa) for 5/8 and 1500 psi (10.34 MPa)
1-1/8 in. (1.58 and 2.85 cm) diameter for TC-8 and TC-13
1500 psi (10.34 MPa) for 5/16 in.
(.79 cm) diameter
Electrical Service 120 VAC, 200 VAC or 240 VAC 200 VAC or 230 VAC
Available Lengths 2 to 65 ft (0.6 to 19.8m) depending 4 to 43 ft (1.2 to 13m) depending
on diameter and voltage on diameter and voltage