CV Series

CV Series

CV Series melters are equipped with high-end Japanese technology. With touch panel control system using PLC (sequencer) multi-point temperature controller, users can easily check and control any material’s aspects in the system. There are many options available to add-in in order to improve the system performance per request, like module-function check, pressure control in the system, flow control, and etc. In addition, there are various pump sizes available to server different needs.

Tank size is ranged from 15, 45, 80 and 120 L


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Technical Data CV15 CV45 CV80 CV120
Tank capacity L 15 45 80 120
Melting capacity kg/h
Usage temperature Normal temperature to 200°C
No. of drives (max.) 2 2(4) 2(4) 2(4)
Power capacity
(AC 200V, 3-phase)
External dimention W 650 650 650 650
External dimention D 850 850 (1150) 1150 1150
External dimention H 1200 1200 1800 1800
* Abnormal temperature detector and overheat block alarm are included as standard