Flow Meter

Flow Meter

By monitoring the amount of adhesive applied, the adhesive can be reduced to a minimum while still producing a reliably glued product. This increases process reliability and line efficiency. In addition, the reduction in the adhesive amount and product waste results in significant cost reductions. The message about the deviation from the tolerance range is displayed on the screen. In addition, further actions can be triggered via a corresponding output signal.

The InfoPlus software is used for graphical representation of the measured data. Evaluations regarding the amount of adhesive applied per product or over a specific period (minute, hour, day, or month) and the number of products produced are clearly displayed. The measured data can also indicate blockages of melter filters and application heads, or application nozzles. The evaluation can be used to optimize settings and processes, resulting in cost reductions or preventing unplanned downtimes.

Analyzes make it easy to compare individual production lines, to evaluate new adhesives and application patterns, and to determine information for procurement and spare parts inventory. The measured data also can be exported for further analyses via a USB interface on the melter or transmitted to a higher-level system via the data interface (Profibus, Ethernet, or real-time Ethernet).

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Design KPC12 AMS piston pump AMS-V 0.025 measuring cell AMS-V 0.1 measuring cell
Adhesive Viscosity 500 to 10,000 mPas 500 to 10,000 mPas 500 to 5,000 mPas
Accuracy ± 5 % ± 0.3 % ± 0.3 %
Measuring range 1 to 50 kg/h * 1 to 30 kg/h * 1 to 50 kg/h *
Resolution/pulses Approx. 4.0 g/pulse * / ** 0.025 g/pulse * 0.1 g/pulse *