Maintaining a constant adhesive temperature over the entire length of a heated hose is a technical challenge. Performa masters the challenge with high-tech insulation and sophisticated heating conductor winding. The result: no local adhesive overheating during production stops. Reliability and precision in the adhesive application are increased because the adhesive viscosity remains at an optimum level. The PrimeConnect plug coupling optimally heats and insulates the critical connection points between the hose ends and the adhesive melter or application head. The otherwise common thermal bridges are eliminated. Viscosity remains constant. An important prerequisite for applying adhesive uniformly and consistently to products – even after a production stop.

Prime Connect is a plug coupling that allows Performa heating hoses to be connected and removed easily and safely without special tools. It is a time-saver, especially for applications that require mobile use of adhesive systems or frequent production line retrofits, such as seasonal products.

It enables high application quality for high-precision adhesive applications. With up to 45 % less energy consumption compared to conventional heated hoses thanks to fully insulated PrimeConnnect plug coupling and high-tech insulation layer.

It also offers quickly ready for operation after production stops due to short heat-up time (8 minutes) and with the new material cover, protection against burns is at finest: low external hose temperature (54 °C) and CoolToch insulation of the connection points avoids adhesive degradation and is therefore durable

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Performa – Technical Data
Operating temperature 20 to 200°C
Adhesive pressure 100 bar
Adhesive Thermoplastic and reactive hot melt adhesives
Heeat-up time (160°C) 8 minutes
Adhesive viscosity Up to 100,000 mPas
Nominal diameter NW8
Hose length 0.6 to 10 m
Heated hose connection Plug coupling NW8
Supply voltage 200 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (up to 8.0 m)
230 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (up to 9.0 m)