Roba Feed

Roba Feed

Automatic Filling System: a useful accessories for safety operation.

Automatic filling of melters mainly serves operator protection. As another advantage, continuous supply of the adhesive system with adhesive in granular form is ensured. Thus, no cost-intensive production interruptions occur.

Differently from manual filling, automatic filling does not fill granulate directly into the hot tank, but into a separate, safe and unheated granulate container called GlueFill. Thus, this process does not bear any risk of burns.

The GlueFill is available in three sizes, allowing the refilling intervals to be reduced depending on demand and application. Using the GlueFill model L and M, up to two melters can be filled at the same time. Applications with small adhesive consumption can also benefit from safe filling using the smallest container size S. As large amounts of adhesive in granular form tend to clump, a filling grid is available as an option for the GlueFill L, which breaks down clumped adhesive granulate so that if falls loosely into the container. The current granulate filling level can be easily checked through a window on the front side of the container.

The GlueFill is responsible for granulate storage and delivery and is available in three sizes, allowing the refilling intervals to be reduced and efficiency to be increased depending on demand and application. Using the GlueFill model L and M, up to two melters can be filled at the same time

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Adhesive type Granulate and pastilles
Granulate size Max. Ø12mm
Pastilles size 12 x 12 mm
Feed capacity* 4 kg per minute
Container sizes S: 10 iters / M: 50 liters / L: 100 liters
Suction unit S: 1 / M: 1 or 2 / L: 1 or 2
Feeding distances Horizontal max. 7.5 m, vertical max. 2.5 m
Compressed air connection 6 bar, dry, filtered, unoiled, G1/4″ connection
Compessed air consumption at 6 bar max. 250 standard liters/min.
Electrical connection Robatech systems: 24 Volt DC from the system
*Function and feeding capacity depend on quality, size, shape, and stickiness of the adhesive