It offers a high impact-resistant 7” touchscreen that is easy to use. It is quick to program with a simple interface. It is possible to create several user profiles, customize area, monitor in real time and obtain highly valuable technical data for equipment support. Micron+ also offers remote control that allows you to communicate with it from any devices.

With cool touch housing, ensuring maximum safety for the operator. Together with the automatic feeder, this provides added safety for the operator as they operate the control from a place that is far away from the melter. Micron+ combines the quality of Micron technology: energy efficiency, melting efficiency and ease of use, with more advanced usability, thanks to its new electronic platform. With tank size of choice of 5, 10, 20, and 35 L, it offers flexibility for customers to select the size of tank to match with their required material consumption.

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Melting rate* from 9.0 to 30 kg/h.
Pumping capacity* 29.3 kg/h for 7 cc pump (*); 66 kg/h for 19 cc (*) pump.
No. of outlests 2.4 or 6 electrical outlets 6 hydraulic outlets.
Range of temperatures 0 to 200°C (32 to 392°F)
Temperature control Pt100, Ni120 or NTC-R
Maximum working pressure (up to 6 bar) 81.6 bar (1183 psi)
External features INPUT: unit on/off, standby, activity control (input signal for)
auto standby/off). Pump on-off, inhibition of
electrical outlets.
OUTPUTS: low adhesive level, pump on, standby, temperature OK,
temperatures at set points, error, level error (warning light), feeding fault
Electrical requirements 1N ~ 230V 50/60Hz + PE or 3N ~ 400V 50/60 Hz + PE.
Options  – Range of temperatures from 0 to 230°C (32 to 446°F)
 – VP-200 automatic pressure control.
 – Transformer base for 400 VAC without neutral (not
available in 35 version).
 – Air intake filter
 – Low level dector (not available in 230°C) or capacitive
sensor with or without warning light.
 – Automatic adhesive feeder.