Module needle inspection

Module needle inspection

It is able to detect the needle movement which is inside of the module. With ON/OFF operation of Gun module needle can be inspected, any defection of the Gun module can be detected beforehand, reducing product loss.

In addition, by calculating the number of times the needle is operated,  you can perform an estimate of the time that the needle next requires maintenance. And by calculating the number of the times the needle is operated, an approximation of the next time the needle will need maintenance can be performed.

Data confirmation is possible by the signal which is outputted from the sensor and sent to each display device.

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Item name Sensing disance Screw-shaped Temperatue range
High-precision Proximity sensor Sensor Heads 0 ~ 1 mm M8 P = 1.0 0 ~ 150°C
Smart Sensor linearity displacement type 2 mm M10 x 22 mm Heat-resistant,
ZX-E Sensors cylindrical