Robatech’s specially developed and certified UR+ Integration Kit perfectly connects the collaborating Universal Robots with Robatech adhesive application systems. The Integration Kit includes a holder for the application head and attachments for the heating hose on the robot arm. With the GlueBot software, the adhesive application process can be easily programmed. Furthermore, the system status of the melter is clearly displayed on the touch pad of the robot. Settings for heated hose, application head, and melter can also be applied easily using the touch pad.

The rotary unions for heated hoses provide reliable protection against torsion and increase the service life of the hoses. Robatech adhesive application systems are the optimum solution for efficient and high-quality adhesive application.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Increases productivity through absolute reliability
  • Increases adhesive application quality through precise and repeatable execution
  • Reduces error susceptibility and costs
  • Relieves personnel and protects them from injury
  • Straightforward integration through certified Integration Kit
  • Simplified programming and ease of use
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