The breakthrough, two-component U -TAH® Universal Cartridge looks identical to standard caulking cartridges, yet delivers the most effective, highest quality dispensing in the industry.

It is the only cartridge system that maintains accurate ratio control and fits into existing 1/10th gallon or 310mL caulking guns. The u-TAH Universal eliminates the need for end users to purchase expensive special-purpose dispensing guns. It also fits into pneumatic (rod-driven) and battery-powered caulking tools.

The u-TAH Universal Cartridge stores one component in front of the other. The rear piston is stationary. As the rear can is pushed forward, the part A fluid is extruded into the center tube, through the cartridge outlet, and into the

mixer. Simultaneously, the movable piston causes the part B fluid to be extruded through the cartridge outlet and into the mixer. EFD has developed special proprietary techniques to perform the filling operation quickly and have also established engineering protocols with machinery suppliers worldwide.

Each u-TAH Universal Cartridge is pre-assembled and 100% factory tested to ensure trouble-free filling, long product shelf life, and reliable field performance.

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Technical Data
Volume  Ratio Material
180 ml   2:1 PP construction only
280 ml 10:01 Nylon construction only