LSR Mixing unit

LSR Mixing unit

Previously, setup work on LSR mixing units was a complicated process that took a long time. It was a job that required tools and sometimes even the involvement of several workers. Thanks to the new mixing unit for our LSR pump silcomix, this has now changed fundamentally. The new design is a unique one on the market and simplifies operation while ensuring shorter setup times and greater system availability. Maintenance times and intervals can be reduced by up to 75%. The increasingly popular low-viscosity silicones can be equally processed without any difficulty.

The modular design of the unit means that individual components of various sizes can be introduced as desired. This functionality takes into account the fact that materials of increasingly low viscosity are being used in modern production and that cycle times and overall processing times are becoming ever shorter. For users, the new design simplifies operation and means that the system is ready for use again sooner. It brings a singular system, on which multiple different products can be manufactured with unprecedented ease.

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Technical Data
Setup time: Very short setup times (< 5 mins)
Temperature control: Continuous temperature control for constant processing temperature; water cooling via injection moulding system
Viscosity: Designed for low- and high-viscosity media
Quantity: Precise metering of minimal quantities
Technology: Integrated snuff-back function closes the valve at the mixer outlet against the flow direction and does not generate any additional build-up of pressure for the injection moulding system – perfect in the case of small cavities
Bubble: Ball valve ensures bubble-free flooding of the material after the mixer is replaced.