380ml Cartridge

380ml Cartridge

380 mL Coaxial Cartridge is a great way to manually meter and mix adhesives, resins, silicones and other two-part reactive chemicals or paints, easy to transport and use in onsite applications or as a low cost alternative to meter mix equipment where multiple applications are required in several areas at the same time.

The 380mL coaxial cartridge’s unique design features a center tube surrounded by an outer “doughnut” tube for consistent 10:1 ratio two-component dispensing. The cartridge comes assembled with a valve that rotates to open and close, eliminating the need for a plug closure and retaining nut. Pre-inserted pistons make it easy to fill through the nose.

Features and Benefits

– Robust neck outlet prevents cracking

– Rotating valve opens and closes outlet

– Large valve bores for greater flow

– Molded valve seals ensure long, leak-free shelf life.

– Partially used cartridges are easily re-sealed by closing valve

– Pre-inserted pistons for ease of filling through the nose.

– Cartridges are staked to retain pre-installed piston.

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Product Specification
Material Plastic
Capacity 10CC
Model No. 380
Product Type Coaxial Cartridge
Weight 200 g