The Dynamic Mixing Head is specifically engineered for mixing media having dissimilar viscosity rates with media having extended pot lifespans. This type of mixer is generally used between the mixing ratio range from 100:100 up to 100:10. It employs a pneumatic/electric motors during its operation.

Optional static-dynamic mixing systems can be assembled with mixer element monitoring. That any failure of the mixing system will automatically be instantly detected, allowing the system to be shut down immediately, automatically or manually. Optionally, every static-dynamic mixing system can be assembled with mixer element monitoring.

Assembly is similar to a normal mixing tube assembly:

– fix the mixing tube with the adapter onto the valve outlet

– push the sensor with its mounting over the mixing tube and screw together with the adapter.

The sensor is adjustable on its mounting in a defined area on the longitudinal axis in order to position the solenoid in an optimal position on the mixer element.

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Technical Data
Input Port: 2 material ports for casting or spraying and 1 flushing port
Control: pneumatically controlled material valves
Drive: Air motor and electrical drive
Handle: electric push button
Material: Adhesive and Sealant
Option: automatic flushing valves