Inline Plastic

Inline Plastic

Ideal for one-use fluid dispensing, Nordson EFD’s disposable static mixers eliminate the need to worry about premature curing of materials.

Choose from mixing elements molded from acetal or polypropylene and housings molded from nylon plastic or stainless steel.

Available Options

Series 85 In-Line Spiral Pipe Mixers

Designed for high-pressure applications, our Series 85 pipe mixers feature sturdy metal housings and Series 120 disposable plastic mixing elements.

With housings made from heavy-walled stainless steel pipe, it resists dents and distortions. The mixer elements can be pushed out and replaced, making routine maintenance easier.


– Removable mixing elements

– Low resin volume in mixer

– Strong metal housings

– Extra strength

Series 140 Disposable Plastic Tube Mixers

Ideal for messy or short pot life adhesives, EFD Series 140 mixers’ low-cost, all-plastic assembly allows disposal of the mixer instead of solvent purging or baking. The mixer’s translucent housing allows its interior to be inspected to determine its condition. Its acetal interior gives it the toughness and chemical resistance to be inert to common solvents. Maximum service temperature is 250° F (121° C).

For adhesive and sealant mixing applications, optional polypropylene mixing elements are available.

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