PAR 20

PAR 20

The PAR 20 series were specifically developed to process a wide range of high-viscosity material systems. Because of this the machines are optimally suited for adhesive dispensing as well as for metering and mixing of resins. Insulated and structural glazing applications can be stably managed and very accurately controlled. Our PAR 20, 20C and 20CE machines incorporate reliable, proven technology in order to meter precise doses, or accurate beads of mixed product within a wide range of applications. The PAR 20 machine incorporates a follower seal plate for the major component and a gravity feed reservoir for the minor component, enabling the machine to process a mix of high-viscosity and low-viscosity resins, sealants and adhesives. The PAR 20C/20CE machines incorporate twin follower seal plates which allows both materials to be dispensed directly from the supplier’s containers. All machines of the PAR 20 series have our latest ILD (in-line drive mechanism) for accurate and consistent processing of materials with high mix ratios or vastly differing viscosities.

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Technical Data
PAR 20 & PAR 20C
Ratio Range Capability 1:1 to 12:1
(depending upon pumps selected)
Viscosity acceptance Up to 1,500,000 mPa.s
Shot size Available from approx. 11ml up to 108ml at 10:1
volumetric ratio
Cycle Rate Up to 15 shots per minute (depending upon viscosity)
Mixing Disposable Static
Major component drum/pail size Typically approx. 20lt (5,27 gal)/25It (6,58 gal)
(depending upon drum dimensions)
Minor component reservoir size PAR 20: 18It (4,74 gal) stainless steel
Minor component drum/pail size PAR 20C: approx. 20lt (5,27 gal)