Extremely precise and efficient dosing of LSR in injection moulding processes

The silcomix is a compact-designed, electrically driven piston pump metering and mixing system. It is used for continuous processing of medium to high-viscosity silicone-based media with a mixing ratio of 100:100. Metering is carried out directly from the original containers with a size of 20 or 200 l.

The servo-electrical drive enables synchronous switching of the piston metering pumps, regardless of the current position of the respective pump piston (switching point synchronization). This prevents deviations from the mixing ratio due to different switching points. The demand-based, automated adaptation of the volume flows of individual components by means of the lifting speed of the piston metering pumps ensures uniform drum drainage of the A and B components. The collapse in pressure flow, and thus also volume flow, is considerably reduced through a special control of the servo drives, with the time also significantly shortened.

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Technical Data
Outflow rate up to 1.2 or 3.6 I/min (at max. 20 or 12
double strokes per minute and at MR
100:100, depending on viscosity)
Mixing ratio 100:100 (further ratios available on
Colour injection metering up to 4 colours with a ratio of 0.2- 5% each
Maximum working pressure 250 bar
Material supply 20 or 200 1
Viscosity up to 1,000,000 mPa s (higher viscosity
available on request)
Operating voltage 400/230 VAC 3/N/PE/50/60 Hz                    480 VAC 200 VAC
3/PE 3/PE
50/60 50/60
Dimensions (D x W x H),         Lifter retracted 960 x 1.320 x 1.920mm