Rounded-shape labeling machine

Rounded-shape labeling machine

Our machines offer you a new range of automatic wine bottle labeling machines that are easy to use and come with a gamut of added features. Our machines are ideal to use for all kinds of cylindrical, tapered object labeling; while they can do one label wrapping round labeling, two labels in front and back side labeling along with orientation labeling.

Such machines come with the option of date printer that can be added to print production date, batch lot, and expiry date at the time of labeling. In addition, our machines offer you different operation control panels including color touch screen, directly visual interface, being easy to operate and adjust all electrical parameters. They come with counting functions – helpful in making production management better.

Our machines are designed by using high quality equipment to ensure high detection system and for high accuracy as well as stable labeling performance, with alarm function to give an alarm at the time of any problem occurs like label broken and label spill.

It is also equipped with double side guardrails to keep the products conveyed straightly or adjust it according to the products’ diameters. Standard options are like touch screen, collection plate, bottle fixing cylinder, filter, electric box, main switch, emergency stop, rotary roller, label-peeling plate, spacing wheel and adjusters are some of the main parts used to ensure a better structure.

Date printer can be added to print production date, batch lot and expiry date while labeling.

We also support customization for your special request

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Standard parameters
Label Speciftcation adhesive sticker,transparent or opaque
Labeling Tolerance ±1mm
Capacity(pcs/min) 25∼60
Suit bottle size(mm) Ø25∼Ø120;Can be customized
Suit label size(mm) L:20-290;W(H):20-130
Machine Size(L*W*H) ≈1935*1250*1470 (mm)
Pack Size (L*W*H) ≈1950*1280*1500 (mm)
Voltage 220V/50(60)HZ;Can be customized
Power 865W
N.W(KG) ≈185
G.W(KG) ≈360
Label Roll ID:Ø76mm;OD:≤260mm
Air Supply 0.4∼0.6Mpa