Flat Panel Labeling Machine

Flat Panel Labeling Machine

Our machines are supported for all kinds of flat/slightly arc surface labeling, such as  cards, pouches, unfold paper box, etc, which are widely used in food, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. It can work alone or connect to production line that date printer can be added to print production date, batch lot and expiry date while labeling.

The automatic feeder to feed the products to the conveyor is also available and customized according to your products. Also, other options, like collective belt or other requirements will be supported per your request.

With our machine, you can save your production time and reduce workforce to optimize your production cost.

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Standard parameters
Label Speciftcation adhesive sticker,transparent or opaque
Labeling Tolerance ±1mm
Capacity(pcs/min) 40∼120
Suit bottle size(mm) L:40∼400W:20∼200H:0.2∼150;Can be customized
Suit label size(mm) L:15-100;W(H):15-130
Machine Size(L*W*H) ≈2080*695*1390 (mm)
Pack Size (L*W*H) ≈2130*730*1450 (mm)
Voltage 220V/50(60)HZ;Can be customized
Power 820W
N.W(KG) ≈200.0
G.W(KG) ≈365.0
Label Roll ID:Ø76mm;OD:≤260mm