On-Production labelling machine

On-Production labelling machine

Our machines support for all kinds of production line labeling, which are widely used in food, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. They can also equipped with date printer can be added to print production date, batch lot and expiry date while labeling.

Our automatic on-production labeling machine can be matched to the assembly line to label the flowing products on the upper surface and the curved surface to realize online unmanned labeling. If it is matched to the coding conveyor belt, it can label the flowing objects. High-precision labeling highlights the excellent quality of products and enhances competitiveness. It is widely used in packaging, food, toys, daily chemical, electronics, medicine and other industries.

An optional ribbon coding machine can be added to the label head, and the production batch, production date and expiration date can be printed at the same time. Reduce packaging process, greatly improve production efficiency, special label sensor.

Our automatic on-production labeling machine is suitable for productions that require large output, with high labeling accuracy of ±0.1mm, fast speed and good quality, and it is difficult to see the error with the naked eye.

Our high-performance machines can reach the speed benchmarks in integrable labeling technology. It achieves top speeds, features a compact design, making it easy to integrate in production line equipment and production line machines, with the high quality equipment.

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Standard parameters
Label Speciftcation adhesive sticker,transparent or opaque
Labeling Tolerance ±1mm
Capacity(pcs/min) 40∼150
Suit bottle size(mm) Have little limit; Can be customized
Suit label size(mm) L:15-100;W(H):15-130
Machine Size(L*W*H) ≈1100*700*1450 (mm)
Pack Size (L*W*H) ≈1150*750*1500 (mm)
Voltage 220V/50(60)HZ;Can be customized
Power 330W
N.W(KG) ≈70
G.W(KG) ≈100
Label Roll ID:Ø76mm;OD:≤260mm