4 Axis RV

4 Axis RV

The RV Series automated fluid dispensing system features proprietary DispenseMotion™ software and a fully integrated CCD smart vision camera for best-in-class fluid placement accuracy and control at any angle along the 360° rotational plane.

Specialized vision-guided dispensing software and an integrated CCD camera make the RV quick to set up and easy to program. True three-dimensional motion control provides easy programming of dots, lines, circles, arcs, compound arcs, and patterns on different planes.

The RV Series is a tabletop or desktop robot that also features single point needle adjustment and best-in-class dispense repeatability at +/- 8 μm. Platforms range from 300 x 300 mm to 620 x 500 mm, making them an ideal solution for batching or critical industrial dispensing applications.

Verify fluid deposit placement and accuracy with the OptiSure™ automated optical inspection (AOI) software. When paired with the OptiSure confocal laser, the AOI system measures the height of fluid deposits in addition to width and diameter, providing 3D dispense verification.


– On-screen preview of the dispensing path facilitates programming

– Software wizard simplifies dispense tip-to-camera and dispense tip-to-workpiece offsets

– Dispense tip alignment capability

– Easy USB file upload and download

– 360° rotation for ID and OD dispensing

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Item/Model R3V R4V R6V
Part#(robot w/ fixed-mount camera) 7363556 7363557 7363558
Part#(robot w/ rotating-mount camera) Oder all part.#s listed Vision kit includes camera,PC,monitor,keyboard,and mouse. 7363673(base robot,no vision)
7364066(vision kit)
7363675(base robot,no vision)
7364066(vision kit)
7363677(base robot,no vision)
7364066(vision kit)
Part# Europe(robot w/fixed-mount camera) 7363572 7363573 7363574
Part# Europe(robot w/ rotating-mount camera) Oder all part#s listed.Vision kit includes camera,PC,and monitor 7363674(base robot,no vision)
7364067(Vision kit)
7727235(keyboard and mouse)
7363676(base robot,no vision)
7364067(vision kit)
7727235(keyboard and mouse)
7363678(base robot,no vision)
7364067(vision kit)
7727235(keyboard and mouse)
Number of axes 4 4 4
Maximum working area(X/Y/Z/R°) 300/300/150 mm/±999°(12/12/6″/±999°) 400/400/150 mm/±999°(16/16/6″/±999°) 620×500×150 mm/±999°(24/20/6″/±999°)
Workpiece payload 10.0 kg (22.0 Ib) 10.0 kg (22.0 Ib) 10.0 kg (22.0 Ib)
Tool payload 3.0 kg (6.6 Ib) 3.0 kg (6.6 Ib) 3.0 kg (6.6 Ib)
Maximum speed (XY/Z)
←800/320 mm/s (31/13″/s)→
Maximum speed (R) 720°/s 720°/s 720°/s
Weight 50.0 kg(110.2 Ib) 55.0 kg(121.3 Ib) 61.0 kg(134.5 Ib)
Dimensions 645W×914H×552D mm(25W×36H×22D”) 745W×914H×652D mm(29W×36H×26D”) 965W×914H×752D mm(38W×36H×30D”)
Drive system 3-phase micro-stepping motor 3-phase micro-stepping motor 3-phase micro-stepping motor
Memory capacity PC storage PC storage PC storage
General purpose I/O
←8 inputs/8 outputs (16/16 optional)→
Input AC (to power supply) 100-240 VAC,±10%,50/60Hz,20 Amp maximum,320 W 100-240 VAC,±10%,50/60Hz,20 Amp maximum,320 W 100-240 VAC,±10%,50/60Hz,20 Amp maximum,320 W
Repeatability (XY/Z)* ±0.008 mm/axis ±0.008 mm/axis ±0.008 mm/axis
Repeatability (R°) ±0.005° ±0.005° ±0.005°
←CCD smart camera/ optional Rotating-mount camera→
DispenseMotion software Included Included Included
Tip detection/alignment system Optional Optional Optional
Warranty 1 year,limited 1 year,limited 1 year,limited
Approvals CE,RoHS,WEEE,China RoHS