4 Axis R

4 Axis R

The R Series automated fluid dispensing system features specialized TeachMotion™ Teach Pendant software for market-leading repeatability and accuracy in fluid placement and positioning.

Its fourth axis allows for dispensing at any angle along the 360° rotation plane. With custom dispensing software, it’s easy to set up and program the system for dispensing applications in less time.

True 3D motion control simplifies programming of dots, lines, circles, arcs, compound arcs, and patterns on different planes. Simultaneous X and Y movement during R rotation makes it necessary to program only the R axis for true point programming.

The R Series features best-in-class repeatability at +/- 8 µm for higher throughput yields.


– Simplified setup and programming via Teach Pendant

– Easy USB file upload and download

– Built-in tip recalibration sequence for easy dispense tip change alignment

– 360° rotation for ID and OD dispensing

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Item/Model R3 R4 R6
Part# 7361912 7361914 7361916
Part# Europe 7361913 7361915 7361917
Number of axes
←4 axes→
Maximum working area (X/Y/Z/R°) 300/300/150 mm/±999° (12/12/6″±999°) 400/400/150 mm/±999° (16/16/6″±999°) 620/500/150 mm/±999° (24/20/6″/±999°)
Workpiece payload
←10.0 kg (22.0 Ib)→
Tool payload
←3.0 kg (6.6 Ib)→
Weight 41.0 kg (90.4 Ib) 46.0 kg (101.4 Ib) 52.0 kg (114.7 Ib)
Dimensions 490W×901H×519D mm (19W×35H×20D”) 590W×901H×619D mm (19W×35H×24D”) 810W×901H×619D mm (32W×35H×24D”)
Maximum speed (XY/Z)
←800/320 mm/s (31/13″/s)→
Maximum speed (R°)
Drive system
←3-phase micro-stepping motor→
Memory capacity
←1-99 programs/ 1-9,999 points per program→
General purpose I/O
←8 inputs/ 8 outputs→
Inputs AC (to power supply)
←100-240 VAC,±10%,50/60Hz,20 Amp maximum,320 W→
Repeatability (XY/Z)**
←±0.008 mm/axis→
Repeatability (R°)
Teach Pendant
Tip alignment
←1 year,limited→