Cartridge Piston

Cartridge Piston

Optimum® cartridge pistons are precision molded from high-density polyethylene to fit perfectly within Nordson EFD cartridges, preventing blow-by and leakage during filling and storage. 

The cohesive fit allows for continually smooth piston travel and consistent, predictable results in fluid packaging and dispensing processes. Unique channels molded into the pistons dissipate trapped air, reducing or eliminating the need to centrifuge.


Each piston’s dual wiper edges eliminate waste as fluid is dispensed, lowering production costs and simplifying the disposal of used cartridges.


Standard white piston capacities include 2.5 oz (75 ml), 6 oz (180 ml), 12 oz (360 ml), 20 oz (600 ml) and 32 oz (960 ml). Blue piston capacities include 2.5 oz (75 ml), 6 oz (180 ml) and 12 oz (360 ml).

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Cartridge Pistons
Part# Size Color Qty/Box
7012419 2.5,6,12 fl oz (75,180,360 ml) White 25
7362087 2.5,6, 12 fk oz (75,180,360 ml) Blue 25
7012421 20,32 fl oz (600,960 ml) White 10