797PCP Progressing Pump

797PCP Progressing Pump

Continuous volumetric dispensing, independent of fluid viscosity or changes in viscosity over time, gives you a reliable, repeatable process.


Nordson EFD’s 797PCP Series pumps dispense an exact volume of fluid as small as 0.01 mL per revolution for manufacturing applications that require a high level of process control. Highly precise fluid volume accuracy and repeatability at +/- 1% gives you assurance that the volume you need to dispense is applied within the tolerance you need, every time.


The pump’s modular design is based on the progressive cavity principal where its core components – a rotor and a stator – form a perfectly sealed metering chamber. Its continuous seal prevents shear, pulsation, and squeezing of fluid. This makes the 797PCP system ideal for dispensing abrasive pastes, filled materials, and UV-cure adhesives.


The 797PCP comes in three sizes – 0.01 mL, 0.05 mL, and 0.15 mL – for use in a wide range of applications in automotive, electronics, medical devices, and other industries.


Features and Benefits


Fluid volume accuracy and repeatability at +/- 1% for exceptional process control

Continuous volumetric dispensing independent of viscosity variation

Programmable suck back for more accurate dispensing without dripping or drooling

Modular design with easy disassembly reduces production downtime


Compatible Fluids: Epoxies, Greases and thermal greases, RTVs and sealants, Solder pastes, UV-cure adhesives

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Item Specification
Size PCP-0.01/0.05:261.4L×36.0DIA(10.29L×1.42DIA”)
PCP-0.15:297.9L×36.0DIA mm(11.73L×1.42DIA”)
Weight PCP-0.01/0.05:550.0 g(1.2 Ib)
PCP-0.15:620.0 g(1.4 Ib)
Rotor speed 10-150 RPM(depending on maximum motor speed)
Flow rate PCP-0.01:0.13-1.95 mL/min
PCP-0.05:0.59-8.85 mL/min
PCP-0.15:1.63-24.50 mL/min
Dispensing volume per revolution PCP-0.01:0.009 mL
PCP-0.05:0.047 mL
PCP-0.15:0.139 mL
Repeatability ±1%
Fluid inlet 1/8 NPT
Fluid outlet Luer fitting
Mounting M4
Fluid chamber Anodized aluminum
Rotor 300 stainless steel
Stator FFKM (perfluoroelastomer)
Operating temperature 10-40°C (50-104°F)
Warranty 1 year,limited
All stainless steel parts are passivated