Piston Pump

Piston Pump

Our Pumps have been developed for a special range of drum pumps for the processing of lubricants. Our pump range features double-acting ball valve and piston pumps that deliver greases and oils of consistency class NLGI 0 – 3. Material is fed directly from original containers. Our piston pumps are an ideal option either as central material supply systems or as single feed stations. While their modularity, robustness and low maintenance requirements make them a valuable addition to any dispensing set up, they are also highly economical, leaving only minimum amounts of material residue in the container.

Our pumps are double acting pump and designed for 1 or 2-hand operation with pressure ratio upto 33:1, but special ratio is available upto 75:1. Our pumps also offer simple venting during container change and the seal can be adjustable by tightening packing nut.

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Model MM030C33-SC00 MM080C33-SC00 MM200C33-SC00
Drum size I 30 80 200
Pressure ratio
Flowrate (at 40 double strokes) I/min
1.1 (with 72 cst servo grade oil)
Material ciscosity NLGI
Working pressure bar
Air consumption (at 40 double strokes) I/min
Dimensions base plate(LxB) mm 610×600 610×600 870×760
Height-lifter not extended(H) mm 970 1170 1454
Height-liter extended (H-max.) mm 1570 1970 2504